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Our Classes

Singapore Math

Learn problem-solving and develop mathematical thinking with the esteemed Singapore Math curriculum. An interactive and fun approach taught by grade level in small groups.

Grammar & Writing

Advance your writing skills and learn key grammar rules. Upper grades will learn different writing styles from a book report, to an opinion essay, to a short story.


Hola Espanol!

Master conversational Spanish and work towards fluency in this highly interactive class focused on speaking. Learn about different cultures of Spanish speaking countries.

Read with a Beat

Boost reading speed and confidence with this fun class. Read child-friendly poems and rhymes using a hip hop beat and increase the number of words read per minute.

Hands-On Science

Study science with hands-on experiments using household objects. Gain a foundation for biology, chemistry, physics while deepening observation and logical reasoning skills.

Create Your Own Class or Pod

With your friends or educational pod, tailor your own class by subject, size, schedule, & level. Private tutoring? Fractions bootcamp? Spanish grammar or ESL with a buddy? It’s up to you!

Enrichment & Gifted Classes

Public Speaking Through Stand Up Comedy

Gain confidence in public speaking and have fun learning stand up comedy. Master story-telling, nonverbal communication, humor and overcome speech anxiety. 

Mathematical Reasoning

With a former University of Oxford lecturer, develop mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, boost overall cognition by solving fun mind puzzles and problems.

Public Speaking “Toastmasters” Style

Gain confidence in public speaking by learning how to give introductions, prepare speeches, and lead impromptu talks. Have fun and boost confidence.