Grammar Classes For Children

About Our Grammar and Reading Classes for Children

Monster Education offers excellent writing and grammar classes for children. Students can learn how to advance their writing skills while learning how to apply grammar properly to each sentence they write. As students progress in the upper grades, they will be required to learn additional writing styles by writing things like a short story, an opinion essay, and book reports. We offer two different categories within this class. The first one is for those who are learning how to write in Kindergarten and first graders. The next group is for those who passed the basics and are meant for second to fifth graders. K-1st will learn the parts of speech along with the basic rules in grammar. They will learn how to write sentences and little narratives. Second through fifth graders will learn the breakdowns of a sentence like the subjects, nouns, verbs, pronouns, and punctuations. Advanced writing skills take place in these grades.

Reading classes for children teaches students how to read with confidence and speed. There are multiple things children learn how to read, starting with children's poems, rhymes, and they work on how to increase the number of words each child reads per minute. Our teachers know how to inspire and excite children to where they love reading as they make it fun with hip hop beats and music. Children tend to have a short attention span when things are wearisome, discouraging them from learning. Our methods keep students in a rhythm that holds their attention span with almost musicals to keep them on target. The older students will take on poetry according to their age group as they learn literary and vocabulary skills. This class is also a forty-minute class that goes on for ten weeks, as do the rest. By the end of the ten-week session, it is guaranteed their reading skills will shine through by the number of words they read per minute.