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5 Tips for Teaching Your Gifted Child at Home

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Even experienced teachers can feel challenged when teaching gifted students. Engaging a gifted child at home can come with it's own set of difficulties. Here are 5 tips that will keep your exceptional child interested and focused while learning at home.

Staying one step ahead of a gifted child will really keep you on your toes but it isn’t impossible. Each parent has the ability and now with the internet, the tools, to further their child’s love of learning.

Layer the experience

A child who struggles with math may have a hard time capturing the subject matter but a gifted child often finishes early and is bored. Layering the experience by combining activities and subjects can create a well rounded learning activity. Layer math with science or history with art. This can be done using fractions during science experiments. If you are doing history, talk about famous artists or composers during this time and kids can try to recreate famous works.

Let them Teach!

Teaching a subject not only solidifies the information in the brain but can also be a rewarding experience for someone who loves to learn and share new information. They can teach the activity by sharing it with a sibling, being allowed to make a Facebook live video or create a Youtube channel. Group classes also allow one child to explain to others their reasoning.

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