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At home, but not alone

Finding stability and connections through online classes

Finding stability and connections through online classes1024x575

With schools reopening and closing, find out why parents are turning to online programs to provide the consistency kids crave.

As much as our kids try to argue otherwise, parents and teachers know that children need structure. Yet more than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, our children still struggle to adjust to the constant changes to schools, sports, and extracurricular activities.

If your child is struggling to stay engaged, you may want to consider online after-school classes to help fill the gap. Online after-school programs can support emotional resilience and stability by:

  • Providing a routine schedule amidst the evolving changes to school reopening;

  • Building emotional intelligence by developing interpersonal relationships in small-group settings; and

  • Giving families control over their kids' learning through interest-based classes.

Online programs withstand school changes