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Help! My Child is Falling Behind due to Covid School Closures!

Steps to Take when Learning Online

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We often worry if our children are doing their best, but what do we do when we think they’re falling behind? Many parents feel that their children are falling behind this year, especially since the start of the COVID pandemic in March of 2020 when school operations were interrupted.

Falling behind may also mean different things to different parents. For some, it is simply when the child is not advancing as much as usual rather than that the child is performing below grade level standards. Sometimes it is a case of a child starting to fall behind as gaps in knowledge accumulate.

My daughter did not do well with learning in a large virtual classroom when her school switched in March 2020. She is a kinesthetic learner, so she learns by doing. She needed a smaller class size and more individual attention to learn properly. We started homeschooling. A lot of teachers I know are having trouble connecting with every student in their large virtual classrooms, and when parents don’t intervene, students can fall through the cracks.

Whether you are concerned because of the effects of the COVID pandemic, or for any other reason, here are some steps to take when you feel your child is falling behind:

Communicate with your child’s teacher about your concerns