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Help! My eLearner is a Wiggle-worm!

Tips from a homeschool mom of six for when your child just won’t sit still for online learning.

This year, my six (yes you read that right!) kids are learning from home. I’m doing what I can to make this a positive experience. I make sure they are well-rested and well-fed. I pour on hugs and pep-talks, reminding them that we are in this together.

But 30 minutes into the first online class of the day, things are already getting rough. My daughter is wiggling and slumping over the desk – kind of like a butterfly trying to wriggle free from its cocoon. My son is hopping and bopping around the room. By lunchtime, they just can’t sit any longer. I feel exhausted and wish I could help them.

We’ve all been there. As parents, we’re doing our best to keep our at-home students focused. We want them to be successful learners, but mostly we just want them to be happy. How can we find the balance between focused learning and letting out the wiggles?

Let them Wiggle

Kids are dynamic, non-stop balls of movement and energy! They experience the world through movement. Constant movement is natural, and integral to development – physically, mentally, and intellectually. Movement is how developing kids gather information about the world. Sensory stimulation strengthens neural pathways.

We don’t have to resist their natural need to move – we can make movement part of everyday learning, especially remote learning.

Here are some easy tips for you to beg