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How to Enhance of Your Child’s Future with One Simple Skill

Public Speaking Will Accelerate Academic and Career Success

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Our children are bold, inquisitive and adventurous little creatures who are exploring the world for the first time with open eyes. While we want our children to fear real threats, we don’t want them to just take on our anxieties, especially if the activity we are scared of could actually help them academically and professionally.

One of the biggest fears Americans face is public speaking, with 75% of the population admitting to this phobia. However, this highly coveted skill has tremendous benefits not only during school presentations, but in testing situations. Why? It gives your child the power to think critically, leading to an easier time answering test questions.

In fact, recent studies have reported that students who received public speaking as part of their education tend to score higher on math and science based tests. This is because it improves deductive reasoning skills, which are necessary for solving problems in these subjects.

Moreover, public speaking courses allow children to understand appropriate speech structure, which can help students succeed in english and grammar courses.

How to Improve Your Child’s Public Speaking Skills

#1 - Start Early!

From the moment your child can speak, engage with them, praise them and ask them questions! Becoming comfortable talking about different subjects and oneself takes practice. Playing games that encourage communication and teamwork can enhance this skill!

Taboo is a fantastic game for building ad-libbing skills and thinking on your feet! If you have a large enough group, playing telephone can help with active listening skills and while charades doesn’t involve talking, it does allow kids to get comfortable performing in front of larger groups of people! Not only that, it also improves non-verbal skills that are necessary to become a great public speaker!

#2 - Implement Active Listening

Great communicators are not just great speakers. They think before they speak, focus on their audience and listen to what others have to say. The technique of active listening teaches your child the importance of hearing the information and understanding it before responding.

#3 - Discover Their Interests

Have you ever noticed that the individuals who are the most successful in their fields are excited about what they are doing? Having a passion for something not only builds confidence and determination, but it makes a child want to talk about it and strive to do better in other for your child now and throughout their future. As a mother and someone who has worked in the broadcast industry for going on a decade, this is one the most important skills I have sought to teach my children.

The Considerable Benefits of Public Speaking

Professional Advantages

The greatest and most memorable leaders are fantastic communicators. They command your attention while still remaining down to earth and approachable. Good oral communication is key to success whether your child is headed to an interview, to the sales floor or to the courtroom!

In fact, as someone who has worked in the broadcast industry for going on a decade, I can tell you that one of the main reasons I have been so successful throughout my career is my involvement in Science Fair as a child.

Each year I would conduct an experiment, learn every aspect of the project and then have the opportunity to present it to my teachers, friends and strangers. Fast forward to the present and I do the exact same thing -- I am a Meteorologist who gives hundreds of thousands of residents the forecast on a CBS station every single weekday evening.

Social Advantages

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. Maintaining our kid’s mental health is extremely important and by introducing them to public speaking early on, you can build their confidence and self-esteem.

How? By giving them the ability to engage with others, command their attention, respond appropriately and to keep their composure during stressful situations! Good communication is not just the process of speaking. It also involves focus, eye contact, posture and voice projection. When our kids can confidently carry themselves in conversation, they are better equipped to make friends as well as confront bullies.

Educational Advantages

The ability to create and present an intelligent, engaging and cohesive message is an extremely beneficial attribute for all aspects of life.

Consider signing your kids up for sports, camps and courses that will teach them different skills and let them explore activities they never considered. Monster Education offers a variety of online classes that make learning fun and build essential life skills! Taught in very small groups of just 4-6 kids with live video classes, their “Toastmasters” and “Stand Up” are excellent opportunities for the gregarious youngster in your life to develop their public speaking expertise!


Heidi Butler is a wife, mother, Newfie owner, writer and Meteorologist on a CBS station. She was born and raised in Texas and has worked in the broadcast industry going on a decade. This has made her a huge proponent for STEM education!

 private online classes for children, online tutoring programs for kids – Monster Education


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