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How to Enhance of Your Child’s Future with One Simple Skill

Public Speaking Will Accelerate Academic and Career Success

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Our children are bold, inquisitive and adventurous little creatures who are exploring the world for the first time with open eyes. While we want our children to fear real threats, we don’t want them to just take on our anxieties, especially if the activity we are scared of could actually help them academically and professionally.

One of the biggest fears Americans face is public speaking, with 75% of the population admitting to this phobia. However, this highly coveted skill has tremendous benefits not only during school presentations, but in testing situations. Why? It gives your child the power to think critically, leading to an easier time answering test questions.

In fact, recent studies have reported that students who received public speaking as part of their education tend to score higher on math and science based tests. This is because it improves deductive reasoning skills, which are necessary for solving problems in these subjects.

Moreover, public speaking courses allow children to understand appropriate speech structure, which can help students succeed in english and grammar courses.