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So, Your Child Hates Reading?

Science-backed Tips to Reach Reluctant Readers

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A solid set of reading skills can make a massive difference in a student’s academic journey. While some seem to fall in love with the written word from a very early age, others develop a resistance to reading that is difficult to overcome. If you’re concerned about your child’s reading abilities, there are plenty of solutions available. New science-backed methods are emerging to address the difficulties and barriers faced by reading-reluctant students.

The Importance of Reading

Students who lack proper reading skills struggle in virtually all academic subjects, including STEM-related fields. Science students must have the ability to read textbooks, online labs, and absorb complicated information. Math students must solve word problems. Business students must go over case studies of successful companies. Almost all tests and quizzes include written instructions that students must clearly understand in order to perform at their full potential.

Students also need to be able to understand what they read and be prepared to write about it. Even when school years have become a distant memory for students, their reading skills continue to impact their potential for career advancement and life enrichment.

How To Support Reluctant Readers