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Ms. Payne Weighs in on Singapore Math

Ms. Payne Weighs in on Singapore Math

I believe my role as an educator is to nurture and encourage the lifelong learning of my students. Through hands-on activities, classroom discussion, and even the use of humor, I hope to prompt students to think creatively and explore their natural curiosity.

That’s why I love the Singapore Math curriculum. It sparks a natural interest in and understanding of math among kids.

Complements a Child’s Natural Development

Singapore Math is an exceptional program as it is designed to complement the natural development of a child’s mathematical knowledge.

Each mathematical concept is introduced with a concrete model using physical objects called math manipulatives. When a mathematical problem is introduced with concrete objects first, students understand the meaning behind the symbols.

Based on a Logical Mathematical Order

Also, Singapore math builds on previously acquired knowledge to teach new concepts to children. It turns out that there is a logical order in which things should be taught, and that is particularly true in mathematics.

It’s not possible to understand the concept of multiplication until you understand addition, for example. No matter how great a teacher is, or how intelligent a student, multiplication cannot be understood by someone who does not understand addition.

All of math is like that, and the creators of Singapore math have thought through the order in which each mathematical concept should be introduced.

Different Strategies leads to Critical Thinking

Lastly, most math programs require a student to do math in one particular way, but Singapore math helps the child to see that there are many different strategies when working with math.

This helps them to think critically and see what works best for them. This truly empowers the child to be successful in all areas of math, at all levels, at all times.

For All Kinds of Genius

My own teaching philosophy is grounded in the idea that students’ minds are not empty vessels waiting to be filled. Each one of them brings their own particular brand of genius to my classroom, and my most important job is to discover and empower that genius.

I’m happy that Singapore Math lends itself to different types of thinking more than any other math curriculum that I’ve worked with.


Ms. Payne teaches lower elementary grades at Monster Education. She brings her smile and her 16 years teaching experience to every class. She has taught Singapore Math to lower elementary grades for the past 8 years. Ms. Payne holds a BA and MA in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. Her favorite subjects are math, reading, and science! Her dog Hattie may also make an appearance in class!

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