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The Revolutionary Singapore Math: Could it Be Beneficial for Your Child?

How to Try Singapore Math Techniques at Home

How to Try Singapore Math Techniques at Home

Is there a “best way” to teach math to children? Singapore Math is a more creative and revolutionary method to teach math through problem-solving and diagrams. It originated in Singapore for grades one through six.

Since Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) began rating countries in math literacy in 1995, Singapore has consistently scored among the top three highest. In a poll of 15-year-olds from 35 nations, Singaporean 15-year-olds were ranked the highest in problem-solving, capable of solving unfamiliar problems in unfamiliar environments.

It is said that numbers do not lie, and therefore the global statistics pertaining to Singapore Math and the performance of students in Singapore speak volumes of its success. But does it mean that Singapore Math could benefit your child?

Singapore Math comes to the US

The “Singapore Math” method started steadily gaining popularity across the United States since the 2000s. </