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Why Digital Nomad Families Embrace Online Education?

How to know if virtual learning is the right solution for your family

How to know if virtual learning is the right solution for your family

Even before Covid-19 forced many of us to start working from home, many parents began to rethink their work-life balance. The advent of mobile technology has allowed us options we never had before, to work remotely from virtually anywhere. Meanwhile, the gig economy has dramatically altered our employment types, shifting from traditional 40-hour full-time jobs to providing on-demand contracted services.

These things combined have created the digital nomad, a location-independent worker able to take their laptop and earn an income anytime, from any location. Digital nomads are no longer just fresh out of college students but increasingly middle-aged adults with families (I know, because I’ve been one, living abroad on the Aegean coast of Turkey while earning an income from my laptop). Thus, that intrepid philosophy is now extending to how parents think about their children’s education, too. But how feasible is online education for kids?

Indeed, we’ve all discovered that distance learning is a viable option when it has to be, thanks to the Covid pandemic forcing home-based learning upon schools, parents, and kids whether we were ready or not. But what about more permanent online educational solutions for your young ones?

How do you know if that’s the right solution for your kids, whether you’re already a digital nomad or are considering the lifestyle?

There are several factors to take into consideration as we dwell on these crucial questions: