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Mathematical Reasoning, Private Classes 10 weeks

With a retired University of Oxford mathematician and professor, develop mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, boost overall cognition by solving mathematical, spacial, and verbal puzzles and problems.


Private Zoom classes are 1 hour long. Inquire about shorter classes. 


Much of elementary school mathematical education focuses on arithmetic skills, however, the most sought after skills needed for higher mathematical ability are mathematical reasoning and abstract thinking.


Such cognitive mathematical skills are often only  taught at gifted children’s math circle programs affiliated with research Universities, American Math Competition (AMC) programs, and sometimes in other advanced programs.


The class aim is to develop cognitive ability and to learn to reason on an abstract level all while employing logic to solve real world problems and manipulating 3D objects.  Your child will be working on AMC competition, Sudoku, and "Moscow puzzles" problems in a small group environment. You can also request private classes.


"The more clearly, effectively and coherently we think, the better we are able to face the challenges of our everyday lives. 


What any intelligent person really wants is to become a true creative thinker who is ready to come up with ideas big and small in response to situations which never stop to show up at our doorstep. 


If we want to be creative in our thinking, we need to practice our brain cells. It is better to start this work at an early age when our neural pathways are forming and are easy to change. 


The aim of this reasoning course is to help young children to obtain skills and qualities that are necessary in logical thinking. Through engaging and entertaining exercises, children will discover and unlock the process of thinking as well as how to structure it and make it a permanent part of their personality." 


       - Professor Juris


To learn more please read an article:

Professor Juris: Why Reasoning is the Foundation of Education

Mathematical Reasoning, Private Classes 10 weeks

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