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Professor Juris - Monster Education

Professor Juris

After retiring from research, lecturing, and mathematical modeling of biological processes at the University of Oxford, England Juris embarked on children’s education in mathematics preparing them for leading British boarding schools. He completed his PhD in biophysics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia and the Gothenburg University in Sweden; his BA and MA in theoretical and mathematical physics at the University of Latvia.

Jennifer Mitchell - Monster Education

Ms. Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell is so fun and bubbly that no one would guess that she has been teaching for 27 years. She has taught upper elementary Singapore Math for the past 14 years and been at the same leading private school of the southeast for 24 years. Her specialty is making long division, multiple digit multiplication, fractions, and multi-step word problems seem like a piece of cake!  She holds a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida.

Paul Lauden- Monster Education


LA actor and comedian Paul brings an element of laughter, fun, and boosts kids confidence when coaching public speaking through stand-up comedy. Paul has several decades experience in child and adult education. He began his career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 18 and continues to work  in film and TV shows. He graduated from San Francisco State University Cinema and Theater program. 

Angela Payne - Monster Education

Ms. Payne

Ms. Payne brings her smile and her 16 years teaching experience to every class. She has taught lower elementary grades ( K to 2nd grade) at a leading private school in Florida for the past 8 years. Ms. Payne holds a BA and MA in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. Her favorite subjects are math, reading, and science! Her dog Hattie may also make an appearance in class!

Jaquita Rideau.jpg

Ms. Jaquita

Ms. Jaquita, M.Ed specializes in helping students learn self-regulation strategies to increase reading comprehension and strengthen writing skills. She has over seven years of teaching experience in reading, composition and literature. Ms. Jaquita possesses a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as a Masters in Education. She is a mother of two children that she homeschools. In her free time, she loves to read, to bake and to be outside in nature.


Mr. Gaidosh

Mr. Gaidosh has been teaching math and science for several decades for middle school and high school students. After earning the Nation Merit Scholar award, he attended Georgia Institute for Technology and received his Industrial Engineering degree. After college Mr. Gaidosh worked as an engineer before deciding that education was his true calling. He has taught math at a leading private middle school and today specializes in advanced mathematics,  AP and College entrance exam coaching. 

Alice Ann Ferguson - Monster Education

Ms. Ferguson

As a certified teacher of gifted and elementary education, Ms. Ferguson has been teaching for 25 years in grades 1-6 and could not imagine doing anything else. She currently teaches at a top private school. She holds a BA in Elementary Education from University of West Florida and did her graduate work in gifted education. She is very happily married and proud of her two daughters: a dental school student at Tufts University and a recent graduate from Auburn University.

Silvija Velickaite - Monster Education


Silvia has been teaching piano and music theory to children in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. As a concert pianist she participated in international competitions, festivals, and took masterclasses with leading professors. Silvija graduated from the Accademia Pianistica Internacionale "Incontri col Maestro” in Italy  and the Music Academy and Conservatory in Lithuania. Her sister Greta is a concert violinist and makes appearances and demonstrations in Silvija’s classes.

Andres Garcia - Monster Education

Señor Garcia

Señor Garcia teaches Spanish and French and has been a teacher for 25 years at a gifted international baccalaureate high school in Florida. He is the father of 3 daughters, holds a degree in Modern Languages and a Masters in Piano Performance from the Mames College of Music in NY. He is originally from Colombia. His language instructional approach is TPR (Total Physical Response), which focuses heavily on conversation and movement.

Greta Velickaite - Monster Education


A concert violinist and former music prodigy, Greta loves to share her love of classical music with children. In her classes, she performs excerpts from her wide repertoire from international concerts, festivals and competitions and draws on her extensive education with many of the most famous contemporary violinists. Greta graduated from the Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Music in Lithuania. She lives and performs in Los Angeles. 

Evelina - Monster Education


Certified life coach Evelina, based in sunny Honolulu, incorporates mindfulness approaches to empower children in a fun and engaging way. A lifelong-learner passionate about personal development, she holds a BA and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has been exposed to multicultural environments working in Europe and the US, as well as through extensive travels and study in Asia. Her 4 nieces and nephews are her source of inspiration for continuous growth and love.

From the Founder:

As a life-long learner who spent decades at think tanks and consultancies, traveling the world to lecture at leading universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, LSE, University of Pennsylvania and others, navigating the first few months of the Covid lockdown was highly challenging. In the brief span of a few months, I went from an international affairs expert and author of academic books published with Harvard and Yale university presses, to a “homeschool” mom of two young kids. 


Yet, my passion for learning and a perspective on different education systems had been a key thread of my life since childhood. 

My own education from primary school to my PhD took place across multiple continents and countries (the United States, Lithuania, France, England, and Switzerland). Similarly, during their early school years, my own kids had already moved a number of times from the West coast to the East coast to the Gulf coast and back West. As a family we had learned from their best educational experiences, different types of schools (public, parochial, private, progressive, and traditional) and the teachers we encountered. By the time of Covid quarantine, we were already used to ongoing online classes with exceptional teachers we did not want to part ways with when we moved. 

When schools went virtual in the spring of 2020, like many we were struggling with the large and chaotic video classes. Besides the immediate challenges, the experience also made me rethink much deeper the education my children were receiving even at a leading private school. For my kids, I wanted much more personalized instruction recalling my Master’s and Doctoral studies at the University of Oxford.  There I benefited from one-to-one tutorials and small-group teaching style considered unique to the historic Oxford and Cambridge universities in England.  

I sought to create not only a highly personalized but also social and interactive education, which I came to appreciate when I moved to Los Angeles at the age of ten from Lithuania. While surprisingly being much further ahead academically than my new classmates probably due to rigorous drill-learning I had received, I loved the positive-feedback and group-learning in American schools. I know it deepened my lifelong love for learning. Similarly during my undergraduate years at Columbia University, I came to love how  the College’s core curriculum was taught in very small seminars that prompted discussion between the students and the professor. 


Monster Education is a product of my lifelong academic journey. That is why we have no more than 6 students per class – small enough for personalized attention but still large enough to be interactive. Having studied with extraordinary professors and lectured at leading universities, I put a lot of stock in teachers who I personally handpick for Monster Education looking for inspired and inspiring individuals. Fortunately, technology makes it possible for an exceptional teacher to teach your child in your living room regardless of where you live or your child’s school.

See you in the classroom!

Dr. Agnia Grigas


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