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About Us

Monster Education is a personalized online education and tutoring service for students in grades K-8 based in Los Angeles, California. We cultivate excellence and inspire greatness in every student, one class at a time by combining:

  • Ph.D. curated curriculum designed to keep children ahead.

  • America's elite teachers & experts who are handpicked and recruited from America's leading schools.

  • Small classes (up to 6 kids per class) for the highest level of interaction and personalization.

  • Social skill development for improved cognitive abilities and a healthy mindset.

  • Advanced programs that raise our student’s standards and encourage achievement and excellence.

A Different Type Of Student:


Each of our students rise to the highest levels of personal academic achievement because we enable them to reach and expand their individual potential.


We guide them to become productive, engaged, and creative members of society in a globalized, information-age world. 

We inspire our students to reach greatness by placing on equal footing their personal growth and emotional intelligence.


  • Achievement: Aiming for your personal highest level of achievement.

  • Integrity: Reaching your potential with integrity towards yourself, your peers, and community.

  • Leadership: Cultivating each child’s individual leadership potential.

  • Whole child: Developing life skills, emotional intelligence, and distinct personality.

  • Community: Creating a shared community among Monster Education families and educators.

We're very proud to announce that Monster Education has passed the first step of accreditation and is now a ‘Candidate for Accreditation’ with The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA CASI), the NorthWest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI). 


From the Founder:

As a life-long learner who spent decades at think tanks and consultancies, traveling the world to lecture at leading universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, LSE, University of Pennsylvania, and others...

…and as a mom of three, I had very high expectations for my children’s education. 


I looked back to my undergraduate years at Columbia University, where they taught the College's core curriculum in small seminars that prompted discussions between the students and the professor.


Then to my Master's and Doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, where I benefited from one-to-one tutorials and a small-group teaching style considered unique to the historic Oxford and Cambridge universities in England.


There was a clear pattern followed by these institutions, they provided a teaching experience led by distinguished professors in a small group environment which allowed for interaction and discussion between the participants.


Monster Education aims to replicate the learning environment offered by prominent academic institutions worldwide. 


I also personally hand-pick world-class talent: professors, experts, and the best teachers from leading schools.


Monster Education offers a learning experience unlike anything else, and I would like to invite you and your children to be part of it.


See you in the classroom!


Dr. Agnia Grigas


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