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Singapore math KA and KB

In the first level of Singapore math we teach, students start with learning numbers 1-20. Ordinal positions, number lines, and place value are introduced, including the concept of zero. Students study number bonds for numbers upto 10 and learn different strategies for addition and subtraction through the use of manipulatives, pictorials, and use of numbers. The aim of this level is to help students to develop a deep number sense. Students proceed to learning numbers to 100, counting by tens and counting by fives. Time, money, shapes, and measuring (heigh, length, weight and capacity) are also covered. Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook KA

Dimensions Workbook KB


Singapore math 1A and 1B 

Students begin with a review of numbers up  to 10, number bonds up to 10, addition and subtraction up to 10. Students proceed to addition and subtraction within 20, shapes and ordinal numbers. Students study these concepts by use of manipulatives, pictorials, addition and subtraction  sentences (15+3=18), and word problems. Students proceed to addition and subtractions within 100, including an introduction of addition and subtraction with regrouping. Single-digit multiplication and division by learning about equal groups as well as basic fraction concepts are introduced.  In addition to the arithmetic operations, this first level teaches measurement, time, money, and graphs. Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook 1A

Dimensions Workbook 1B


Singapore math 2A and 2B

The  first half of the year focuses on different addition and subtraction strategies, focusing on  regrouping (carrying and borrowing) in the ones, tens, and hundreds. Students study place value, including numbers to 1,000.  Multiplication and division by 2, 5, 10 is also covered.  Students continue with improving mental math of addition and subtraction as well as advancing  multiplication and division skills including multiplication factors of 3 and 4. Students study these concepts by use of manipulatives, pictorials, addition and subtraction sentences (225-39=186), and word problems. In addition to these arithmetic skills, in 2A and 2B students cover measurement, money, introduction of fractions, time, graphs, and basic geometry. Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook 2A

Dimensions Workbook 2B


Singapore math 3A and 3B

Students start with study of place value and learning numbers to 10,000 and rounding. This level advances to using all four arithmetic operations:  addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiple-digit multiplication with and without regrouping,  and division including an introduction to long division. Mental calculation skills are further developed. Students continue to deepen these arithmetic skills through word problems, including 2-step word problems and they continue to learn multiplication factors 6, 7, 8, 9. They learn fractions (equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and addition and subtraction of fractions), measurement, graphs, time, and geometry including calculations of area and perimeter.  Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook 3A

Dimensions Workbook 3B


Singapore math 4A and 4B

At the start of this level, students should know numbers upto one million and be very familiar or have mastery with multiplication factors 1-10. During this fourth level,  students review and  master all four arithmetic operations:  addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiple-digit multiplication with and without regrouping,  and division including long division.  All four arithmetic functions will be used with both fractions (equivalent and improper fractions, mixed numbers) and decimals. Students will work on 2-step word problems with all four arithmetic operations, fractions, and decimals. They also are introduced to order of operations. Students proceed to advanced geometry, learning to compute the degrees of angles, solving complex area and perimeter questions, other geometric concepts, graphs,  cuboids, and averages. Measurement and money are other concepts covered in computational and word-problem contexts. Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook 4A

Dimensions Workbook 4B


Singapore math 5A and 5B

Students entering Singapore math for the first time at this level, may require a review  and catch up courses before starting this level. This advanced fifth level further develops pre-Algebraic thinking and prepares students for pre-Algebra and Algebra in middle school. Students learn operations for numbers upto one billion.  Students study  writing and evaluating expressions, order of operations, including with word problems. Multiplication with two-digit multipliers continues and students learn division with two-digit divisors. They continue to learn to work in four arithmetic functions with percentage, decimals, and continue with very advanced work on fractions (including in measurement and geometry), geometry (volume, cuboids, capacity, angles, quadrilaterals) and graphs (line plotting, coordinate graphs). Time, ratios, and rate  problems are covered with a focus on word problems on these concepts. Homework assigned from:

Dimensions Workbook 5A

Dimensions Workbook 5B

Singapore math 6A and 6B

The Singapore Math Dimensions Level 6 is broadly a pre-Algebra course. 6A teaches the order of operations, factors and multiples, multiplication, divisions, multiplication and divisions of fractions, decimals, negative numbers, ratios, rate, and percent. 6B covers algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities, coordinates and graphs, area of plane figures, volume and surface area of solids, and displaying and comparing data.

Dimensions Workbook 6A

Dimensions Workbook 6B

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