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“Self Motivated Learner” Private Coaching 7 weeks

Do you dream of your child becoming a self-motivated learner? A life-long learner?


Would you like your child to be curious, to try new things — to not be afraid of making mistakes and learn from them?


But to achieve this they have to fall in love with learning.


The purpose of the Self-Motivated Learner program is to reprogram their mindset from “I have to do my schoolwork!” to “I want to learn!” — which in turn would help long-term in school and in life…


This course will help your kids:

  • Embrace challenges with ease.

  • Face problems with resilience.

  • Get inspired by learning new things.

  • Master Executive Functioning Skills


The private coaching program is a 7 week program with 7 private one-on-one hour-long sessions on Zoom.   


The class is led by certified life & learning coach and children’s mindfulness instructor Evelina based in sunny Honolulu.





“Self Motivated Learner” Private Coaching 7 weeks

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