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Singapore School of Math 


Learn problem-solving and develop mathematical thinking with the esteemed Singapore Math curriculum. An interactive and fun approach taught by highly experienced accredited teachers both by grade and by aptitude level. Available for grades K-5 for your child or your child’s educational pod.

A great fit for your child:

  • Your child is in grade K through 5;

  • You want your child to build a strong foundation in mathematics and problem solving;

  • Your child is already using the Singapore Math curriculum at school or at home and you need additional support. 



  • No more than 4-6 students per live online class

  • Hand-picked elite school teachers & tutors

  • PhD curated curriculum for highest standards

What to expect when you enroll with us:

  • Individual consultation. We’ll have a comprehensive conversation with you to discuss your child’s individual situation, their progress at school, knowledge level, your learning objectives and expectations.

  • Personalized curriculum. We will design a personalized curriculum for your child. This includes one or two small group classes per week and could be supplemented with accelerated 1:1 tutoring and boot camp programs to catch up. It’s up to the parents to choose and decide, but we’ll give you our suggestions and recommendations. 

  • The right class. We will make sure your child is being placed in the right class, where all the students would be at a similar level and could learn together at the same pace. Feeling comfortable among their peers will help your child thrive and learn. 

  • Personal attention guaranteed. Small size classes of just 4-6 kids encourage interaction and allow teachers to have enough quality time with every student and facilitates interaction among the students. Encouraging social skill development is also an integral component of all our classes and curriculum. 

  • Professional curation. We track and assess every child’s learning progress as we go. We’ll periodically provide you the feedback on their education and will monitor any circumstances or changes. If a student is progressing faster than their peers they could be placed in a more advanced class, or if falling behind they would be recommended a booster class, etc. 

  • Convenience. Learning online is convenient as you can learn from your home or while traveling. But at Monster Education we aim for more: with the personalized education approach we not only help your kids to learn and succeed, but we also reduce the burden parents have while managing and tracking their children's education.

Why Singapore Math?

Singapore Math, first developed in Singapore, gained recognition globally for the high aptitude and math scores of their students.

It was subsequently adopted by elite private and public schools and among homeschool parents in the United States and around the world. 

The Singapore Math framework was developed on the basis that mathematical problem solving is central to learning math. 

It helps children to acquire and learn to apply math concepts and skills in a wide range of situations, including non-routine, open-ended, and real-world problems. It builds a strong math foundation and will prepare them for the future study of Algebra.


The Magic of the Singapore Math Curriculum Three-Stage Learning Process:

Copy of Copy of Untitled-4.png


In early grades, kids learn using physical objects such as paper clips, toy blocks, etc. They learn addition or subtraction by physically lining those objects up in a row, or by removing from rows. 

Copy of Copy of Untitled-5.png


Then students learn by drawing diagrams as representations of mathematical concepts like ‘Bar model’ is used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.



In addition to using bar modeling and diagrams, students also  solve mathematical problems with exclusively abstract tools: numbers, symbols, and equations.

Featured Singapore Math Teachers

Jennifer Mitchell - Monster Education

Ms. Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell is so fun and bubbly that no one would guess that she has been teaching for 27 years. She has taught upper elementary Singapore Math for the past 14 years and been at the same leading private school of the southeast for 24 years. Her specialty is making long division, multiple digit multiplication, fractions, and multi-step word problems seem like a piece of cake!  She holds a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida.

Angela Payne - Monster Education

Ms. Payne

Ms. Payne brings her smile and her 16 years teaching experience to every class. She has taught lower elementary grades ( K to 2nd grade) at a leading private school in Florida for the past 8 years. Ms. Payne holds a BA and MA in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. Her favorite subjects are math, reading, and science! Her dog Hattie may also make an appearance in class!

Alice Ann Ferguson - Monster Education

Ms. Ferguson

As a certified teacher of gifted and elementary education, Ms. Ferguson has been teaching for 25 years in grades 1-6 and could not imagine doing anything else. She currently teaches at a top private school. She holds a BA in Elementary Education from University of West Florida and did her graduate work in gifted education. She is very happily married and proud of her two daughters: a dental school student at Tufts University and a recent graduate from Auburn University.

Amy Choi-Won family

I love the personal attention and the personalized education my daughter gets with Monster Education. In Singapore Math she enjoys learning with her small group of friends and extraordinary teachers. As a mom, I love getting personal feedback, seeing her progress, and having all the work done for me and curated by Monster Education.

- Amy Choi-Won, Ph.D. Mom of five & founder of My Parenting Guru, Orange County, CA


Class Tuition:

  • Single lesson (class size 4-6 kids): $39.00 

  • 12 week session (meeting x1 weekly): $469.00

  • Class duration is 40 min

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: full refund for the remaining classes at the time of cancellation. 

4th grade Singapore Math Class
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“It’s the teacher that makes a whole world of difference to a student....not the textbook, worksheet, or the instructional video. Having studied with extraordinary professors and lectured at leading universities, I put a lot of stock in teachers who I personally handpick for Monster Education looking for inspired and inspiring individuals. Fortunately, technology eliminates the distance between the teacher and the students.”

- Dr. Agnia Grigas, founder of Monster Education