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Personalized Enrichment for Curious Minds

Live Online Courses K-8

  • Private & Small group classes (4 students on average)

  • Accredited teachers & instructors

  • Periodic assessments & parent reports

  • PhD curated curriculum for highest standards

Our Classes

Singapore Math

Learn problem-solving and develop mathematical thinking with the esteemed Singapore Math curriculum. An interactive and fun approach taught by grade level in small groups.

Public Speaking “Toastmasters” Style

Gain confidence in public speaking by learning how to give introductions, prepare speeches, and lead impromptu talks. Have fun and boost confidence.

Mathematical Reasoning

With a former University of Oxford lecturer, develop mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, boost overall cognition by solving fun mind puzzles and problems.

Self Motivated Learner

A certified life & learning coach will teach a love motivation, goal-setting, embracing challenges, and facing problems to inspire and develop self-motivated learning.   

Hola Espanol!

Master conversational Spanish and work towards fluency in this highly interactive class focused on speaking. Learn about different cultures of Spanish speaking countries.

Request Private Tutoring or Create a Pod

Does you child need private tutoring in math (up to Geometry, Algebra) or language arts or any other subject? You can also create a class pod with your friends and select your subject, class size, schedule, & level. 

We're very proud to announce that Monster Education has passed the first step of accreditation and is now a ‘Candidate for Accreditation’ with The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA CASI), the NorthWest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI). 


Featured Teachers

Professor Juris - Monster Education

Professor Juris

After retiring from research, lecturing, and mathematical modeling of biological processes at the University of Oxford, England Juris embarked on children’s education in mathematics preparing them for leading British boarding schools. He completed his PhD in biophysics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia and the Gothenburg University in Sweden; his BA and MA in theoretical and mathematical physics at the University of Latvia.

Jennifer Mitchell 2021.jpeg

Ms. Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell is so fun and bubbly that no one would guess that she has been teaching for 27 years. She has taught upper elementary Singapore Math for the past 14 years and been at the same leading private school of the southeast for 24 years. Her specialty is making long division, multiple digit multiplication, fractions, and multi-step word problems seem like a piece of cake!  She holds a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida.

Paul Lauden - Monster Education


LA actor and comedian Paul brings an element of laughter, fun, and boosts kids confidence when coaching public speaking through stand-up comedy. Paul has several decades experience in child and adult education. He began his career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 18 and continues to work  in film and TV shows. He graduated from San Francisco State University Cinema and Theater program. 

Angela Payne - Monster Education

Ms. Payne

Ms. Payne brings her smile and her 16 years teaching experience to every class. She has taught lower elementary grades ( K to 2nd grade) at a leading private school in Florida for the past 8 years. Ms. Payne holds a BA and MA in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. Her favorite subjects are math, reading, and science! Her dog Hattie may also make an appearance in class!

IMG_2767 2_edited.jpg

Monster Education appears to be on the leading edge of both curriculum and methodology. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for Monster Education students.

- Anne Simon, consultant and co-author of "Beyond the Brochure: An Insider’s Guide to Private Elementary Schools in Los Angeles"; the former head of Wildwood Elementary School, the former dean of the middle school at Crossroads School, and the former head of Hunter McGuire Lower School at Stuart Hall. 

Why Us? 

PhD curated

Our classes & curriculum are curated by PhDs, former professors, and educational specialists from leading & Ivy League universities. We provide the highest standards of instruction for everyone and seek to meet the interests of gifted students.

Personal attention guaranteed

Our very small class sizes makes it easy for every child to easily interact with the teacher and other students:  to ask questions, make comments, and get personal attention as they learn. No one will be unnoticed or left behind.   

America’s elite teachers

All our teachers are vetted, personally handpicked, and recruited from America’s leading schools.  Teachers 

have at least a decade of experience, while enrichment tutors are respected and trusted professionals in their field. 

Effective way of learning

Studies show that elementary students learn best in a group rather than alone. Group study makes kids more receptive, develops social skills, builds confidence and reduces fear of failure. Our very small groups are the most effective way to learn.

Small classes: 6 kids per class

We don’t believe it’s feasible to effectively teach large groups of young kids online. If you’ve ever had your child on a large online lesson you know what we mean - there’s little interaction or personalization. That’s why we cap our class at 6 kids.

Social skill development

Encouraging social skill development is an integral component of all our classes and curriculum.  Teachers lead interactive learning, games, and conversations teaching children to actively participate and engage with their peers. 


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