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Can Small Classrooms Skyrocket Your Child’s Academic Success?

Small classroom settings are proven to offer children the best overall learning experience

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We can assume that you want the best education possible for your child that you can get. Unfortunately, that may not be achievable if your child is put into the average classroom of 15-25 kids or a large classroom (25+ kids). If you're considering switching your child to a small classroom setting, continue reading to learn the benefits.

Just imagine how well your child could be performing when learning in a very small group of just 4-6 students.

Improved academic performance

Students often see an improvement in their grades once they switch to a smaller classroom. The well-known Project STAR study found that students in smaller classrooms of 13-17 students scored 8 percent higher in reading and 9 percent higher in math scores versus classes of 25 or more students. The main reasons for the improvement were stronger relationships with the teacher, detailed feedback on classwork, and personalized instruction.

In a larger classroom setting, students may not get the additional help needed to excel in their academics, leading to a decrease in grades and skills learned.

Stronger connections with classmates

Currently, your child may not even be able to name all of the students in her class. Especially if your child is learning with a large group online. Not knowing a classmate's name is quite troublesome, given how essential peer relationships for children are for their development.

A study by the Society for Research in Child Development revealed that students with healthy peer relationships were less likely to feel lonely and more likely to be more engaged in the classroom.

Many classrooms today are simply too large for children to foster relationships with each other. Very small classroom settings of just 4-6 students such as the ones provided by Monster Education allow your child to get a quality education and develop friendships that can have a lasting impact on them.

Increased participation

How nerve-racking was it to be called on by the teacher in a classroom of over twenty students? Or knowing the answer to a teacher's question but too afraid to answer it? It can be quite an intimidating experience for many students to participate in class actively.

A small classroom setting can diminish this fear because your child feels comfortable with both their classmates and the teacher. Classes such as Public Speaking Through Stand Up Comedy, offered through Monster Education, can make for a fun and interactive learning experience that improves their social skills.

Fewer distractions

The buzzing of a cellphone, some classmates having conversations during instruction, a classmate eating or chewing are just a few examples of distractions in large classrooms. These distractions only hinder a student's ability to excel academically. With a small group of classmates, your child won't have to worry about a multitude of distractions and can focus on their schoolwork

Better teachers’ instruction

One can only imagine how stressful it can be to give a thorough lesson to a large group of students. A teacher can stretch themselves thin, which leads to their students not receiving the best instruction.

With a small classroom setting, teachers can take the time to ensure each of their students thoroughly understand the lesson. A small group of students can mean more detailed studies, better feedback on assignments, and spending more one-on-one time with students.

Education is vital to every child's development, so they must get the best education possible. Choosing a small classroom setting for your child can improve their academic performance and foster more vital and more impactful relationships with their peers.

Just imagine how well your child could be performing when learning in a very small group of just 4-6 students.


Taneia Surles is a writer and graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in public health with a health behavior concentration. She aspires to become a certified health education specialist, educating low income and minority communities on ways that they can improve their health.

 private online classes for children, online tutoring programs for kids – Monster Education


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