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Why Group Tutoring Is the Best Gift Parents Can Give

The educational & behavioral benefits of group lessons that individual sessions simply cannot impart

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As parents, we know there are many benefits of letting our kids participate in tutoring lessons. Tutoring helps them understand the subject matter better so they’ll stay motivated in class. It lets them catch up if they’re behind and excel if they’re already doing okay. Equally important, tutoring provides an invaluable confidence booster!

All these advantages have the effect of turning students into better learners, not just in their K-12 classes but beyond the classroom, too. In fact, tutoring sets them up for success for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, most 1:1 tutoring sessions miss out on all the major benefits that group tutoring has to offer!

Proven Benefits of Group Learning

Unlike 1:1 tutoring, group tutoring takes full advantage of the energy that comes from carefully-managed small group dynamics. There are several educational benefits, as well as behavioral benefits, that individual sessions simply cannot impart.

For example, group tutoring lessons...