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Why Group Tutoring Is the Best Gift Parents Can Give

The educational & behavioral benefits of group lessons that individual sessions simply cannot impart

 private online classes for children, online tutoring programs for kids – Monster Education

As parents, we know there are many benefits of letting our kids participate in tutoring lessons. Tutoring helps them understand the subject matter better so they’ll stay motivated in class. It lets them catch up if they’re behind and excel if they’re already doing okay. Equally important, tutoring provides an invaluable confidence booster!

All these advantages have the effect of turning students into better learners, not just in their K-12 classes but beyond the classroom, too. In fact, tutoring sets them up for success for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, most 1:1 tutoring sessions miss out on all the major benefits that group tutoring has to offer!

Proven Benefits of Group Learning

Unlike 1:1 tutoring, group tutoring takes full advantage of the energy that comes from carefully-managed small group dynamics. There are several educational benefits, as well as behavioral benefits, that individual sessions simply cannot impart.

For example, group tutoring lessons...

...Are More Fun!

Sure, some students enjoy 1:1 tutoring with a teacher who is years older than them. But nothing makes the environment more friendly and fun than having a few peers in the mix! This sets the stage for a relaxed mood and maximum interaction. Group learning also adds a light, no-stress competitiveness that stimulates productivity and enthusiasm.

The key is setting up a group that’s just the right size. Not too big and not too small. Monster Education’s experience has shown that the ideal number is between 4 and 6 students in an online class for elementary aged kids.

...More Effective!

The results are in! A recent report by Frontiers in Psychology revealed “there is strong scientific support for the benefits of students learning and working in groups” because “working interactively with others, students learn to inquire, share ideas, clarify differences, problem-solve, and construct new understandings.”

Each student in the small Monster Education classes falls within the same general learning category and has similar guidance needs. Their assigned teacher knows how to bring out their diverse strengths and perspectives. This really elevates the learning environment as students engage with one another. Together, group peers discover shared challenges, see that they’re not alone, and are able to help each other grow.

...Teach Socialization Skills!

Social skills development is often not the focus in your average K-12 school setting. That’s understandable because teachers are focused on getting through daily lessons and simply don’t have time to spend on anything else. Imagine trying to get 25-30 students (per class) through all that material, week after week.

Instead of unstructured socializing during breaks, at lunch, or as kids are shuffled from class to class, in small group classes kids receive on-the-spot guidance and direction. Interactive group lessons help them learn how to socialize properly in an education setting, versus trying to figure it out as they go.

...Save Money!

Tutoring expenses can add up fast, but savvy parents know they can save a ton by investing in more effective group lesson packages instead of costly 1:1 lessons. Over time, the savings can be quite substantial!

An Excellent Education is a Lifetime Reward

Group tutoring is the perfect solution for parents who want their children to experience the greatest possible learning outcomes from their sessions. It’s not only fun and proven to be more effective, it develops critical social skills that are sorely needed (and often neglected in traditional school settings or via 1:1 lessons).

Our children need our help to prepare for their futures in a rapidly changing world. They also need our help to unlock their talents and passions. Group lessons like Monster Education’s classes on Singapore Math or Grammar & Writing offer engaging, personalized attention in a small, interactive online classroom setting. With so many benefits and convenient online access, there’s never been a better time to treat your kids to a gift that’ll last a lifetime!


Matt Cates is a writer and educator. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), via the University of Cambridge and the International Training Institute in Turkey. He embarked on his full time writing and teaching career after retiring from the Air Force in 2015 after 21 years of service.

 private online classes for children, online tutoring programs for kids – Monster Education


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